Scariest Haunted House on Earth - House of Occult Lemp

Scariest Haunted House on Earth - Lemp Brewery



There is an all new level of FEAR coming to St Louis Fall 2022 called House of Occult at Lemp Brewery.   This will be the scariest new attraction in St Louis where victims must be prepared to face their mortality!  House of Occult is an EXTREME SCREAM haunted house, simply you facing your fears HEAD ON!  Are you brave enough to walk down a set of stairs that spirals downward into THE ABYSS the darkest place on EARTH? 

Are you ready to travel over a 100 feet underground in subterranean caves and tunnels? Are you ready to go into a place so dark, so deep underground that NO ONE CAN HEAR YOUR SCREAMS?  The Lemp Haunted house is BACK in 2022!  Are you ready to go DEEP underground WHERE no one CAN hear you SCREAM?

No one will save you, no one will help you, no where to run or escape the sheer panic and sense of being helplessness as you find yourself totally lost in The House of Occult at Lemp Brewery.   You are in a dark, damp and very cold place deep underground where albino creatures are lurking around every turn ready to consume your soul?  How many will enter, how many will survive, how many will beg us to take them out?  We warn you DO NOT ENTER unless you are physically and mentally prepared to EXPERIENCE AN EXTREME SCREAM haunted house deep underground at Lemp Brewery.


THE  OCCULT await you as they performs rituals and summons DEMONS from inside The Lemp Brewery.  Go Underground inside the Lemp Brewery Haunted House you will get lost, confused and come face to face with the demons and devils. Travel down underground in the pitch black caves of the Lemp Brewery.  

LEMP IS ONLY OPEN 10 NIGHTS - Get Tickets Now -  Tickets are limited. 

The Lemp Haunted House is located inside the old Lemp Brewery Complex at 3500 Lemp Avenue downtown St Louis.  Lemp Haunted House is off South Broadway just 2 miles from The Darkness Haunted House.  Buy a combo ticket to both The Abyss and The Darkness and visit two different haunted houses in the same night. 



Buy tickets online and save time waiting at the attraction.