Things To Know about Visiting a Haunted House

Things To Know about Visiting a Haunted House

Things to KNOW BEFORE YOU GO to a Haunted House 

How to Survive a Trip to Darkness - Creepyworld - Lemp -  St Louis Escape - Retro Golf 

  • Make sure to purchase a Speed Pass. Purchase ticket online saves time!  HOWEVER if you buy at our box office with CASH you pay NO TAX and NO SERVICE FEES saving you about $4.00 per ticket.  Coupons only work Sunday thru Thursday or any night in September or November with cash.  You must have one coupon per person printed.  Online tickets get texted to you however you can request email.  Please download ticket prior to visit cell phone service is not great on location.  Tickets may be transferred to another person.  There are NO REFUNDS. We now offering IMMEDIATE access tickets, which gets you access to the haunted house with no waiting in line.   CLICK HERE TO BUY TICKETS NOW.  
  • Photos and Video are allowed inside and outside the attractions however NO FLASH photo inside the haunted house.  Outside each haunt we have icon monsters please snap a picture.  Each haunt also features photo ops for you and your friends.  While inside the haunts we do not allow food, drinks, weapons or any kind.  Most photo ops are at the EXIT of EACH attraction.  
  • Looking for a Horror Retail Store?  The Darkness now features St Louis' only Horror Retail store filled with toys, collectibles, horror masks, costumes and tons of Darkness merch.  You do NOT have to buy a ticket to visit the Horror Retail Store. Enter Horror Retail store by entering in the back door.  

  • No customers are allowed into the haunt wearing masks or faces painted.  If you show up on Halloween you must leave your masks and other items in your car.  We do not allow any type of weapon or guns.  We have metal detectors.  Keep them in your trunk or at home. 
  • Dress Code:  Do not wear high heels, make sure you're wearing real shoes.  We suggest you remove any earrings, jewelry, and leave ALL VALUABLES at home. 
  • DO NOT TOUCH OUR STAFF ACTORS OR PROPS otherwise you will be asked to leave without a refund. 
  • Do we close if it rains?  NO not typically.  Darkness and Lemp are both totally indoor haunts and both feature partial indoor que lines.  Creepyworld is an indoor/outdoor haunt.  If for any reason we won't open due to weather we'll post this on the haunts blog or social media.  What to wear... something casual works best.   If the haunts close you can use your tickets another night we open.  
  • READ ALL WARNINGS PRIOR TO ENTERING!  YOU ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK.  DO NOT RUN this is the cause of most injuries.  SEE WARNING PAGES!  Read Covid Warnings prior to entering.  Attend any of our attractions at your own risk. Do not run and watch where you walk. Do not enter the property if you can't follow the rules.  Your health is your responsibility.  We're NOT responsible for any injuries.  Visiting a haunted house could be dangerous for some people.  Read all warnings. 

  • If you purchase your ticket online you will save on wait times.  Purchase SPEED TICKETS and you'll skip the main waiting lines.  Keep in mind Darkness has an indoor waiting line which is actually part of the attraction which you will not skip.  Once at Creepyworld you will wait in small lines for some attractions but the main attraction line is the only one long.  LEMP has a small indoor waiting area.  SKIP ALL OF THIS buy speed tickets online BUY NOW CLICK HERE 
  • Coupons are available online.  Click on coupons tab, offer your email address, and a coupon will be emailed to you.  Coupons are not valid online.  Coupons are valid when presented to our box office at each locations.  
  • When buying tickets at the box office BRING CASH some tickets are cheaper with cash. 
  • St Louis Escape and Retro Golf accepts walk ups however your best bet is to book online at  
  • St Louis Escape is located next door to The Darkness
  • NOTE:  Immediate Access or any COMBINATION ticket is good ANY night  we're open.  Combination tickets can even be used on different nights or the same night until the end of the 2024 Halloween season. 

  • Before you arrive either print or save your ticket to your phone.  Cell service is not great at the attractions.  If you already have a ticket Do NOT wait in the ticket line go straight to the attraction line.  If you purchased speed tickets find the sign that reads SPEED PASS LINE.  PRINT YOUR TICKET AT HOME OR SAVE THE TICKET ON YOUR PHONE!  Trying to pull up the ticket ON SITE can be difficult due to cell phone service. 
FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA HERE IS WHY:   All announcements, updates, special events, are posted on our social media.  Our main pages are Instagram - Tik Tok Youtube and Facebook.  Please follow us today.  Additionally you'll be notified when we release new videos or content. Links are below. 

  • Bring your camera because you'll find a lot of monsters roaming around to take pictures with along with several photo ops.  DO NOT USE YOUR FLASH inside the attractions.  
  • Boxoffice can open up to 30 minutes prior to opening time.  If you want to visit all three haunts in the same night we suggest you buy tickets in advance and show up 15 minutes before opening time at your first haunt.  Creepyworld is only 20 minutes from Lemp/Darkness and Lemp/Darkness are only 1 mile apart.  
  • PLEASE visit us on a WEEKDAY or EARLY October or NOVEMBER!  Sometimes weekends are really busy and our #1 complaint is the crowd.  If you visit on a weekday we pace the guests better, wait times are shorter and for some a better experience.  Sometimes we may have less actors but the crowd size is so much smaller.  Also consider coming on a weekend in September, early October or November weekends as they will have much smaller crowds.
  • When coming on a peak weekend expect large crowds, tons of energy, and excitement.  With that being said expect longer lines, and with that we must move people into the haunts at a quicker pace.  
  • If you want an experience with your friends, where you feel like its just you and then alone in a haunt COME in early September, November or weekdays! 
  • Each attraction features outdoor bathrooms    DO NOT LEAVE valuables in your car and DO NOT bring any type of weapon. 
  • Remember once you enter our haunted houses you might be filmed or photographed.   We also encourage you to like us on Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube.  Please share photos of your experience and tag us!
  • What are the Differences between Darkness - Creepyworld and Lemp:  Common question.  The Darkness is an indoor experience downtown roughly 30,000 square feet.  The Darkness is very high tech special fx, animations, and set design. The Darkness is an indoor haunted house where the environment is controlled.  The Darkness is one of the best haunted houses in the entire World.   Creepyworld on the other hand is an OUTDOOR haunted house with some indoor elements.  Creepyworld has a haunted hayride and a massive walk thru Jack O' Lantern attraction with over 2,500 carved pumpkins.  Creepyworld also has several que lines between the mazes.  Lemp is an indoor haunted house in a cold and damp environment.  Lemp is the shortest of the three haunts but its in the most haunted location underground in a limestone cave. 
  • CHILDREN under 17 who are dropped off to attend Darkness or Lemp need to have RIDES upon exiting the haunted house.   Both Darkness and Lemp are next door to residential area's teenagers can't hang out in front of the haunted houses they must have RIDES to leave immediately upon exiting of haunt.  NO TEENAGERS/CHILDREN will be allowed into The Darkness or LEMP without guardian or guardian waiting to pick up.  Furthermore ASK your kids to TEXT YOU JUST as they ENTER the haunted house so you know to start heading over to pick them up. 
  • GIFT STORE -  Upon exiting The Darkness you'll find a horror arcade and an amazing gift store.  There is NO hanging out in this room. Our gift store area is not a waiting area for a ride.  We have hundreds of guests exiting the haunt.   Each guest is permitted 15 minutes to take pictures, and check out all the cool horrific sights.  Unless you're waiting for the 5 minute escape room, playing arcades, or buying something from the gift store you must exit and head to your car.  Do not sit on the games and do not stand in front of them blocking people from enjoying them.  Thank you in advance for your consideration.  
  • What is Creepyworld's Jack O Lantern Spooktackular?  St Louis' first and only Jack O Lantern event with over 2,500 carved lighted pumpkins,  animations, displays and more.   You can't attend this event on most weekends in October without buying a ticket to Creepyworld.  Check times and dates at  The Jack O Lantern Spooktackular will be the ultimate social media event of the year... bring your friends and your camera.  
  • LIGHT SHOWS - 2,500 Carved Pumpkins - Halloween Displays -  Camera Friendly Walk Thru Attraction.  This attraction is at the exit of Creepyworld. 

Can you book PRIVATE PARTIES?  Visit this page CLICK HERE 

The Darkness opens for special events which are listed below. 
All special events at The Darkness are typically one night only unless otherwise noted.  

Krampus Haunted Christmas:  Saturday December 13 and 14th 2024  6:30 to 9:30 pm 
Tickets are $32.00 per person.  THIS EVENT SELLS OUT BUY IN ADVANCE! 
Limited to the first 1,250 tickets sold.  

My Bloody Valentine:   Saturday February 15th 2025  6:30 to 9:30 pm 
Tickets are $32.00 per person.  THIS EVENT SELLS OUT BUY IN ADVANCE! 
Limited to the first 1,250 tickets sold.

The Darkness features a Horror Arcade Gift Store - You don't need to buy a ticket to enter.  Simply walk to the exit and up the stairs.  Inside we sell drinks, donuts, dip n dots, everything Darkness from hoodies to t-shirts. 
Happy Hauntings! 

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