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Learn What's New at Lemp Brewery Haunted House

The Haunting of Lemp Brewery is BACK! 
The scariest real haunted house in America deep underground in downtown St Louis where NO one CAN hear YOU Scream! 

Lemp Haunted House is back 2022 the DEMONS are back to HAUNT your NIGHTMARES!  Are you prepared to go DEEP underground inside real caves and caverns the most haunted place in all of St Louis?  The Lemp Haunted house is ONLY open TEN days this Halloween season.  Only a limited number of people will get to see the scariest real haunt in St Louis.  GET YOUR TICKETS NOW  CLICK HERE 


Watch 2022 Preivew Video


The all-new Lemp Haunted House will leave you screaming all the way out the door.  Grab your friends and head into the Abyss of real Caves underground at The Lemp Haunted House.  The Lemp Haunted House is about 20,000 square feet all underground in real caves.  You must walk down a massive spiral staircase to enter the attraction, once in there is no way out but past an army of the undead! To exit the attraction you must walk up a lot of stairs.  Lemp haunted house is for the real horror fan! 


Prepare to go DEEP underground and come face to face with your fears!  

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